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             Technews - Your Media Partner

About Us

Technews - your media partner
Technews is your media partner of choice for solutions marketing in the technology sector. A company with a 30-year track
record, Technews is the de facto market leader in the niche markets in which it operates. Whether it's electronic engineering,
process control and factory automation, engineering or business risk and security, Technews covers the industry news, reports on the trends and owns the mindshare of the market with Dataweek, SA Instrumentation and Control, Motion Control and Hi-Tech Security Solutions.

All 4 titles are published in print, online and digital formats supported by bi-weekly electronic newsletters. We provide decision makers with the information they need, in the format that suits their requirements, to select and buy products and services that address today's technology challenges.
Quality Through Editorial Specialisation
The credibility of the Technews stable is in no small way directly derived from the quality of its editors. Every one of its editors has a graduate engineering degree as well as hands-on experience working in their respective fields. This means that editorial is relevant to the real challenges readers face every day.
Quality Through Circulation Specialisation (ABC Audited)
A dedicated circulation department ensures that only qualified and appropriate readers are targeted and that ABC circulation requirements are met on an ongoing basis.
Quality through sales specialisation.
A dedicated sales team working with you to ensure you achieve the commercial results you need.
Managed for results
Backed by extensive experience in all aspects of business-to-business publishing, our management team has a profound understanding of modern, professional media.

The business systems and processes that support our specialist titles are tried, tested and proven. Our operational strengths enable us to provide consistently high levels of service to our readers and to the organisations that need to connect with them.

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